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Stay Protected With The Best Hand Wash And Sanitizer Products From Ohsogo Online

After the pandemic hit the world back in 2020, people across the globe have understood the importance and value of cleanliness and regular cleansing of their hands. While modern medicine is equipped to provide the best health care, it is your responsibility to inculcate the most effective cleansing habits like using handwash and sanitizer regularly, every day. 

Keeping your utmost safety, health, and hygiene in mind, we at Ohsogo offer you the best quality handwash and sanitizer products formulated by the trusted wellness brand, Dr Rhazes, to not only actively kill all germs but also be gentle enough on your hands to keep your skin moisturized. Buy the best halal and cruelty-free handwash and sanitizer products at Ohsogo online to never compromise your health again! 

Get The Best Protection With Our Online Handwash And Sanitizer Range

Tired of hand wash and sanitizer products that make your hands dry, coarse, and rough? No more worrying about drying out your skin when you can buy the two-in-one cleansing and moisturizing products from our online handwash and sanitizer collection!

Dr Rhazes hand sanitizer: Formulated to be gentle on the skin yet effectively kill germs and harmful microbes, the Dr Rhazes hand sanitizer available at the best price in Bangladesh at Ohsogo online is the best pick for gently cleansing your hands. Containing 70% ethanol, this ultra protect gel hand sanitizer ensures protection for 2 hours post application and kills 99.9% of germs in a single use. This cruelty and alcohol-free hand sanitizer provide the best lasting protection for your hands while keeping them moisturized with the goodness of halal-certified ingredients. Buy this ultra protect hand sanitizer, in the scent of Lemon, for staying safe from infections while maintaining soft and moisturized hands! 

Dr Rhazes hand wash: Say no to dehydrating, alcohol-based handwash and sanitizer products by choosing the paraben, alcohol, and cruelty-free Dr Rhazes refillable hand wash that is dermatologically tested to be gentle and moisturizing on the skin. As the 1st and best foaming hand wash in Bangladesh, the hand wash is enriched with Vitamin E to go easy on your hand skin while effectively killing 99.9% of germs in a single wash while leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. Buy this rich foaming Dr Rhazes handwash along with the sanitizer to get dual benefits - sanitizing and moisturizing, in one product! 

Available in 2 scents, including Lavender and Orchid, the Dr Rhazes hand wash is available as a bottle as well as refillable products, which you can shop at Ohsogo as per your preferences! 

Buy The Best Hand Wash And Sanitizer Products From Ohsogo Online

As the world advances, so have wellness and healthcare products to ensure the best health and hygiene of people. To bring you the best protection and safety against infections, we at Ohsogo offer you the best handwash and sanitizer products at our online store, formulated by the esteemed wellness brand, Dr Rhazes. Discover your favorite scents in the refillable and bottle hand wash and sanitizer products at the best price in Bangladesh at Ohsogo online to get your hands on long-lasting protection against germs.  


Q1. What Is Hand Sanitizer, And Does It Keep Your Hands Germ-Free?

A hand sanitizer is typically a liquid or gel product containing alcohol and other ingredients that remove infection-causing microorganisms. It is beneficial to use a hand sanitizer to avoid bacterial or viral infections, as the hand sanitizer instantly kills all germs to keep your hands clean. Buy handwash and hand sanitizer products at Ohsogo onlinefor best hygiene!

Q2. What Is The Difference Between Hand Wash And Soap?

The main difference between a hand wash and soap is that a hand wash is usually a liquid cleansing product that can be accessed from a bottle. On the other hand, a soap is usually a solid bar that can be lathered up on your hands for cleansing. It is best to use a handwash for quick and contact-free use. 

Q3. Is It OK To Use Hand Sanitizer Every Day?

Yes, it is safe to use a hand sanitizer at regular intervals daily to keep your hands germ-free, clean, and rid of microorganisms that cause serious bacterial or viral infections. Ensure to use a handwash and sanitizer at regular intervals, before meals or making contact with your face to ensure that your health and hygiene levels remain at their optimum.