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Ohsogo: The Best Collection of Makeup Products Online in Bangladesh  

Makeup is an excellent form of self-expression for all women. Whether you are a bold, daring personality that loves sporting red hues and colorful nail tips or a subtle, shy character that loves a natural, luminous look with blushy cheeks, wearing makeup in your unique style sets you apart from the crowd! 

 At Ohsogo, we offer a selection of makeup & skincare products developed by the most revered cosmetic brands from across the globe. From high-quality face makeup products to vibrant eye makeup products & bold lip makeup products, you can pick from a vast array of beauty products while shopping at our online store. Whether you’re looking for makeup brands that offer products with a long-wear formula, or those that provide chemical-free, skin-friendly products, we’ve got it all! Flaunt a flawless, glowing makeup look everywhere by using exclusive makeup products from Ohsogo!      

 Indulge in a variety of makeup products at Ohsogo 

 Leaving everything aside, women love variety. While shopping for clothes, or beauty products, women love having a vast assortment to shop from. At Ohsogo, you can browse through our colossal online collection of makeup products to make an informed decision & buy products that not only suit your preference but also your skin’s needs! 

 Face makeup products: Create a seamless, glowing base for your makeup with face makeup products like primer, foundation, concealer, compact, blush, highlighter, and much more.  

 Eye makeup products: Create a deep, intense eye look with eye makeup products such as kajal, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyebrow enhancers to captivate everyone with your enticing eyes! 

 Lip makeup products: Sport the perfect pout for every occasion with our collection of lip makeup products, including matte & creamy lipstick, liquid lipstick & lip tints. 

 Nail products: Besides face makeup, we also offer you a wide collection of nail polishes & removers to maintain bright, vibrant & healthy nails! 

 Buy Exclusive Makeup Products Online at Ohsogo 

 At Ohsogo, we’ve designed a one-stop destination for all your cosmetics & skincare needs. Enhance your makeup collection with select products formulated by the most esteemed & preferred brands worldwide to create a makeup look that flaunts your natural charm & beauty!    



  1. Is there a proper order for applying makeup? What is it? 

While you can easily buy several makeup products online, it is essential to know the application process. Following a proper order of applying makeup products is the best way to enjoy makeup that lasts all day long while also protecting your skin health. The best order to apply makeup products is:- 

  1. Set a base by using a makeup primer. 
  2. Use a foundation that suits your skin type and tone. 
  3. Use a concealer to conceal dark spots, acne & dark under eyes. 
  4. Use a compact powder to set your liquid makeup products. 
  5. Use various eye makeup products such as eye shadow, kajal, liner, and mascara to create an eye look. 
  6. Use a pretty blush or bronzer to add color to your cheeks.  
  7. Wear a bold pout by applying matte or velvety lipstick. 
  8.  Complete your look with a setting spray to keeps your makeup intact all day.  


  1. How To Prevent An Oily Face After Applying Makeup? 

Everyone has a different skin tone and skin type. While many of us have normal skin, several others have combination, sensitive or oily skin that can turn your face oily after applying makeup. If you find your T-zone or other areas of your face getting oily after applying cosmetic products, make sure to follow these few tips:- 

  1. Never forget to use a makeup primer that shrinks your pores for a more seamless look that does not get oily throughout the day. 
  2. Always use powder makeup products to set and mattify your liquid products such as foundation and concealer.  
  3. Opt for makeup products that have a mattifying formula than a creamy texture to control oil build-up. 
  4. Use a setting spray to keep the makeup intact all day. 
  5. Lightly pat your face with a compact every few hours when you find your face turning oily.   


  1. Which makeup products should women splurge on the most? 

At Ohsogo, we offer a wide assortment of premium-quality beauty & cosmetic products online. Whether you are looking for skincare products that fix all your skin issues, or you’re looking for makeup products that give you a flawless complexion, women across Bangladesh can splurge on a variety of makeup products such as foundation, concealer, primer, eye makeup, liquid lipstick, nail paints, and much more, at our online store.  


  1. Can I wear makeup every day? How do I stop it from slipping off? 

Yes, you can enjoy a flawless makeup look every day. While it feels great to wear makeup every morning, it can slip off during the day. To ensure that your makeup look stays intact, indulge in makeup products that have a long-lasting formula. You can also use a setting spray from esteemed brands that set your makeup in place which doesn’t allow it to budge all day. Lastly, you can touch up your face with makeup products such as compacts to instantly fix your look. 


  1. What makeup products do you need for a full face makeup? 

Enjoy creating a bold, full face makeup look every day with these essential beauty products that you can find shopping online at Ohsogo! 

  • Face makeup products: Primer, foundation, concealer, compact, blush, highlighter.  
  • Eye makeup products: Kajal, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrow enhancers. 
  • Lip makeup products: Lipstick, liquid lipstick. 
  • Makeup setting spray.