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Nourish Your Skin With Simple Products From OHSOGO Online

If it is about beauty and makeup it has to be about skincare. In terms of cosmetics, skincare and skin safety comes first. Whenever you are choosing a skincare routine, prioritize skin safety first. We care for your gorgeous skin and that is why introducing a skin-friendly range of simple skin care products.

We simply believe in the ideology of clean, kind, and effective products. Simple has a simple policy of three Nos that are no color, no perfume, and no harsh chemicals. We have an idea of making your sensitive skin and small pocket both happy at a time. It is a pocket-friendly brand that manufactures simple toners, simple cleansers, face wash, and other effective products.

Your pretty face might be waiting to know more about it. So, here we go with some more knowledge of Simple products that are available at OHSOGO.

Explore Simple Skincare Products Online

Lafz products are formulated using 100% vegan ingredients to maintain your skin health. Lafz is a brand that does not utilize any harmful chemicals. Here are some of the incredible Lafz products you need to add to your collection -

1. Simple Cleanser - Simple Cleanser completely free from harsh chemicals. It leads to gentle and soft skin. It gives a very joyously leather-like foaming feeling when washing off. It suits sensitive and acne-prone skin. Effective ingredients in it result in extracting extra oil, blackheads, and whiteheads from the skin.

2. Simple toner - Simple Toner is one of the best simple products. It is 100% free from alcohol and it has no harmful or harsh chemicals in it. The best part is it tones your face with goodness. It is enriched by Vitamin B5, White hazel, and Allantoin. The low pH of simple toner balances all the alkaline impurities. So, if you want to pamper your pretty skin and you love its softness go for simple products.

3. Simple Moisturizer - Hydrating simple moisturizer is the ultimate solution for your glam skin. It is tested by dermatologists and if you will apply it once you need not worry for 12 hours. It has all the strength of Borage oil, Vitamin B5 and E. Moisturise your skin with Simple products for long-lasting soothing and hydrating skin.

Why Should You Invest In Simple Products?

Simple products will make your skin and pocket fall in love with them because –

  • These are alcohol-free, Paraben free, and contain no artificial perfume or color.
  • It has been running with kindness towards animals, plants, and planet earth for the past 50 years.
  • It is vegan and super soothing on the skin.


Q1. Is The Simple Face Wash Ideal For Everyday Use?

The simple face wash is ideal for everyday use as it is produced with rich minerals and vitamins which gently eradicate all the impurities from your face. By using it daily you will get glimmering skin.

Q2. How Does Simple Moisturizer Work For Dry Skin?

Simple Moisturiser works best for dry skin, as it maintains skin hydration, moisturizes it, reaches deep into the skin, and soothes dry and damaged skin into glowing moisturized one.

Q3. Can I Use Simple Face Wash If I Have Sensitive, Oily Skin?

Yes, You can fearlessly use simple face wash if you have sensitive skin as simple products are tested by dermatologists and are safe on the skin. If you have oily skin then too don’t worry, it has the advantage of removing excess oil, to make your beautiful skin acne free.

Q4. Can All Skin Types Use Simple Skincare Products?

Yes, all skin types can use simple skin care products. Whether you have oily, dry, acne- prone, or skin with spots. Simple products go with all skin types because the natural ingredients used in them are soothing and hydrating.