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Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)

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    What it is:
    ZM Vitamin C Night Cream is your perfect pick for overnight skin rejuvenation. It fights dullness overnight and wakes you up with bright and younger-looking skin. The cream is infused with the goodness of Vitamin C that stimulates collagen production that brightens & tightens the skin. What works wonders is the active ingredient with small molecular weight of Vitamin C that allows it to penetrate deeper, and act faster on dull skin. Along with that it is blanketed with Shea & Murumuru Butter that softens the skin and restores its moisture barrier. So, you wake up with brighter and healthier skin every day.

    What it does:

    [OVERNIGHT REJUVENATION]: Contains Vitamin C, An Active Ingredient With Small Molecule Penetrates Deeper- Rapid Action On Dull Skin Overnight Nourishment - Wake Up With A Glowing, Younger-Looking Skin.
    [MOISTURIZES THE SKIN:] Contains Shea Butter & Murumuru Butter Soften The Skin Overnight Locks In Moisture
    [STIMULATES COLLAGEN] Vitamin C Penetrates Deeper Stimulate Collagen Small Molecule Size - Water Soluble - Quick Absorption.
    Production- Tighter Skin- Brightens Up The Skin.
    [ QUICK ABSORPTION ]: Contains 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid- Low Molecular Weight-
    [ANTIOXIDANT RICH]: Antioxidants Fight These Free Radicals- Healthy Skin-
    [ FORMULATED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN ]: -Light Weight, Non-Sticky, Vitamin C Formula Absorbs Easily And Is Suitable For All Skin Types.

    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)
    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)
    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)
    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)
    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)
    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)
    Zayn & Myza Vitamin C Night Cream (50g)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Not good

    ভিটামিন -সি সব স্কিন টাইপের জন্য নাহ। এটা ব্যবহারের কারণে আমার স্কিন কালচে হয়ে গেছে।ভিটামিন- সি এর কোনো কিছু ব্যবহার করতে হলে ফেস ওয়াস থেকে শুরু করে সব কিছুই ভিটামিন-সি ব্যবহার করতে হবে।নইলে স্কিনে উলটা এফেক্ট করবে।so, be aware.

    Zm vitamin c night cream
    Please Please restock

    Nice cream for oily skin

    My skin is glowing

    My night time skin care just became easier. This cream helped me in getting my glow back.

    My mom loves it

    I bought this cream for my mother and she is using it for last 1 month. Her face is glowing and looks young comparitively. It has done great work on her skin.

    Visible results

    This night cream showed me results in illuminating my skin and reduces the pigmentation. As it is enriched with vitamin C it helps in lightening the dark spots. I have seen visible change in my skin after using it.