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Buy Studio X Products Online in Bangladesh

Indulging in skincare routines and being consistently updated with everything personal grooming requires is no longer considered a female-oriented practice. Gone are the days when these things were all assumed to be part of the women’s arena. Men today are becoming more and more aware of their skin concerns and grooming needs. In light of this shift, the landscape of men's grooming has evolved remarkably. Today, a myriad of products tailored to address distinct skin and hair needs have seamlessly found a place in the realm of men's personal care. 

This has led to the emergence of exquisite grooming ranges and brands that specifically cater to men. Marico, being one of the most trusted ones and amplifying its presence in the male grooming market, launched Studio X under its existing male grooming brand, Set Wet. Studio X features an assortment of men’s grooming, styling, and other personal care essentials for men, including face wash, shampoo, hair wax, hair and beard serum, perfume, etc. If you’re a man looking to amp up your routine, consider this blog your best friend and introduce yourself to some of the best Studio X products. 

Discover the Extensive Range of Studio X Products on OHSOGO

Sure, you might not be the one to collect a plethora of skincare or haircare essentials, but there are certain must-haves that should find a spot in every man’s cabinet. Let’s take a look at some indispensable Studio X products from OHSOGO that you must own. 

  • Studio X Facewash: To make your face look fresh and energized, you need an effective face wash that cleanses away the dirt and leaves your skin feeling revitalized. To ensure good skin throughout the day, add the Studio X Oil Clear Facewash for Men to your kit. It features energizing massage beads that will help clean your pores and get rid of excess oil to remove dullness effortlessly. Studio X Brightening Facewash for Men is yet another must-have you can add to your collection. This product is brilliantly formulated with a Claire Blanche ingredient that not only brightens your skin but also gives it a burst of cooling effect, thus providing you with a fresh, clean face. 
  • Studio X Shampoo: Get your hands on the Studio X Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men to bid adieu to the stubborn dandruff on your scalp and flaunt your style confidently like never before. The Studio X Clean and Strong Shampoo for Men, on the other hand, is thoughtfully formulated to provide unparalleled shine and volume destined to turn heads, thus making it a quintessential piece for your vanity. 
  • Studio X Men’s Grooming Bundle: When confused about what products to choose, bring home this meticulously crafted bundle and ensure good skin and hair every day. It is packed with multiple products, such as the Studio X brightening face cream, the Clean & Strong Shampoo, a brightening face wash, hair gel, and soap. This bundle promises you skin free from oil, dark spots, and dullness, as well as hair that leaves lasting impressions with its appeal. 

Style Up for a Celeb Look With Studio X Products from OHSOGO 

We at OHSOGO understand that men’s grooming is just as essential as a woman’s. We bring you an extensive range of haircare and skincare products for men from Marico’s Studio X to help you flaunt a celebrity-like look every day. From a moisturizing face wash to an anti-dandruff shampoo, we have everything that you will ever need! So, wait no more to shop for Studio X products from OHSOGO and get them delivered to your doorstep within 2 days inside Dhaka and 3-5 days outside Dhaka. 


1) Which are the best products from Studio X?

Studio X Brightening Facewash for Men, Studio X Clean and Strong Shampoo for Men, and Studio X Wet Look Hair Gel are some of the brand’s best products. 

2) Why should I buy Studio X skincare products? 

Studio X skincare products cater to diverse skin needs, addressing concerns like acne, pigmentation, and excess oil. Tailored specifically for men, the premium-quality products make an ideal addition to the grooming routine. 

3) Is Studio X suitable for all skin types?

Yes. Most Studio X products are suitable for all skin types.