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Sport A Natural Glow With A BB And CC Cream From Ohsogo Online

Don’t feel like wearing heavy, full face makeup? Prefer lightweight makeup products that give a skin-like finish to your face? You need to try out a BB and CC cream! If you aren’t familiar with these two super lightweight face makeup products that have a color correcting and long wear formula, you’re missing out!

Switch from layering on a thick foundation every morning to simply wearing a color correcting BB or CC cream that evens out skin tone, protects from environmental and sun damage, and gives you a healthy, natural radiance that seems to be shining from within! Explore and buy the best face makeup products including BB and CC cream formulated by international cosmetics brands such as Alix Avien and Note to flaunt a flawless skin texture everywhere!

Get Full Coverage And A Flawless Complexion With BB And CC Cream

Along with a high coverage and flawless complexion, BB and CC cream products are get for color correcting, concealing skin imperfections, and keeping your face hydrated and protected from sun damage. Here are the best BB and CC cream products available at Ohsogo online:-

Alix Avien CC cream: Boasting a Smart Encapsulated Pigment Technology to even out your skin tone and create a seamless makeup base with a natural finish, this quick-absorbing, medium coverage CC cream gives the best tint to every skin type and protects it against sun damage with SPF 15.

Note BB cream:With a lightweight feel, breathable texture, and full coverage, this 5-in-one BB cream is the secret to flawless skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and SPF 15, this silky smooth BB cream protects your skin from sun damage and free radicals, keeps it hydrated, and covers all skin imperfections with a healthy, luminous finish.

Buy Color Correcting BB And CC Cream For Flawless Complexion

Never step out without a flawless complexion that glows throughout the day by opting for a color correcting BB and CC cream that effectively minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and dark spots. Buy premium quality face makeup products, including BB and CC cream that ensure a healthy glow to your face all day!


Q1. What's The Difference Between CC Cream And BB Cream?

While both, BB cream and CC cream are equally popular and loved by makeup lovers, there is a key difference in their coverage, intensity and overall texture after application. A BB cream is actually a ‘beauty balm’ that is a color correcting product to cover blemishes with a thick coverage. On the other hand, a CC cream is a color correcting product with medium coverage and lightweight texture. A BB cream is also more hydrating and better suited for dry skin, whereas a CC cream is a better makeup product for oily and acne-prone skin as it has bacteria-killing properties.

Q2. Can You Use Both BB And CC Cream?

While BB and CC cream are formulated as makeup products to be used alone, they can be used together for a more pigmented, full coverage to conceal blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, etc., on your face. Apply a layer of BB cream over the lightweight CC cream to get a radiant, flawless complexion!

Q3. Is BB Cream Or CC Cream Better For Acne?

Amongst the BB and CC cream face makeup products, a CC cream is much better suited for acne prone skin as it has a lightweight feel and texture. However, if you have developed pimples, acne scars, and dark spots, it is better to opt for a BB cream to get a thicker coverage with a color correcting effect to effectively conceal these.

Q4. Does A CC Cream Clog Pores?

Since CC cream has a lightweight feel and texture and yet provides a full coverage, you can use it without a worry about it clogging your pores or aCCumulating in skin folds.

Q5. Is It Okay To Use A CC Cream Daily?

A CC cream is the best face makeup product to use on a daily basis as it is effortless to apply, feels feather light on your face, has a light texture and doesn’t clog your pores, and ultimately has a more skin-friendly formula.

Q6. Can I Use CC Cream Instead Of Foundation?

A CC cream is not a clear alternative for a foundation. A foundation is a much thicker and gives full, high coverage to your face than a CC cream. A CC cream can be used to create a smooth and even makeup base for an every day, casual makeup look rather than a full face makeup look that needs a more intense coverage. CC cream can also be used for color correcting before applying a foundation.

Q7. Is BB Cream Good For Daily Use?

Yes, a full coverage BB cream is great for daily use and can replace your foundation as it has a more hydrating effect on your skin and a more sheer, natural look that ensures you carry a luminous & beautiful glow all day!