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Buy Sanitary Napkins Online in Bangladesh

Just like pregnancy, menstruation is something that changes a woman’s life forever. It is a natural part of our lives, but it comes with just as many challenges. From painful cramps to unpredictable mood swings, menstrual days are often packed with everything you wouldn’t want to experience. This is when the significance of sanitary napkins cannot be overlooked. Pads come to the rescue during periods, allowing you to get through the bleeding days easily while maintaining hygiene. Imagine a life without assistance from these feminine hygiene products. It sounds uncomfortable, difficult, and unmanageable, doesn’t it? Fret not, as OHSOGO brings you an extensive range of sanitary napkins that will effectively protect you against leaks and help you get through the day with comfort. 

Explore a Wide Range of Sanitary Napkins on OHSOGO 

A sanitary napkin, also known as a menstrual pad, is a thin and absorbent material designed to help manage your menstrual flow during your periods. With a variety of shapes and sizes available, they cater to different levels of flow, ensuring you find a perfect fit for your needs. Luckily, OHSOGO offers a wide selection of sanitary pads from trusted brands, providing you with comfort and protection during your period. Check out some of the personal care products available on our website. 

  • Senora Belt Sanitary Napkins: Senora Regular provides advanced and comprehensive absorbency protection for women. The extra-long Senora XL guarantees extended dryness protection for hours on end. Their 8 layers of high absorption and anti-infection formula allow you to take the lead without fretting about any leaks. Available in packs of 4, 10, and 15, these napkins offer unmatched cottony-soft comfort and protection like no other. 
  • Joya Sanitary Napkins: These 320 mm long, all-night pads with wings are made using super gel technology and cotton soft top covers. They feature an anti-bacterial strip and smart channels. Specifically crafted for nighttime use, this variant ensures the highest liquid absorption, effectively reducing bacterial infection and menstrual odour. 
  • Whisper Ultra Clean Wings Sanitary Pads: Enhanced with herbal oil, these pads not only lock in wetness but also eliminate odours for a fresh experience. These pads boast nearly 40% extra length compared to regular ones, ensuring long-lasting coverage. They feature a DRI weave cover that rapidly absorbs the fluid and has a delightful scent that provides all-day freshness. Super thin, soft, and flexible, it moves seamlessly with your body, adapting to every movement. 
  • Freedom Heavy Flow Wings: Crafted with the latest technology, these pads instantly absorb a substantial amount of liquid, ensuring an immediate, completely dry feel. With specialised heavy flow wings and a super dry feature, these 290mm-long pads offer comprehensive protection, making them a must-have in your hygiene product collection. So, next time you wish to address your heavy flow, you know these pads are a win-win for their unmatched efficiency. 

Pro tip: Remember to change your pads every 4 to 8 hours to avoid oversaturation and wrap them in a newspaper or waste paper before disposing them in the bin. 

Choose Feminine Hygiene Products from OHSOGO 

Feminine hygiene is crucial to one’s health. Proper care and selection of the right personal care products can go a long way, protecting you from infections, foul smells, and irritation down there, especially during menstruation. To make your search for sanitary napkins a breeze, we bring you a collection of products from trusted brands you must bring home now. So, wait no longer to get sanitary napkins that suit your needs and personal preferences from OHSOGO. Shop now and get them delivered to your doorstep in Dhaka within 2 days and outside Dhaka within 3-5 days. 


1) What is a sanitary napkin?

A sanitary napkin, also known as a menstrual pad, is a thin, absorbent material that absorbs menstrual fluid during your period. 

2) How to wear a sanitary napkin?

To wear a sanitary napkin, simply peel off the paper from the centre, unfold the wings, and attach them to each side of your underwear. You can also adjust the sanitary pad to ensure effective placement. 

3) Are sanitary napkins safe?

Yes. Sanitary napkins are safe to use. However, you must change them every 4 to 8 hours to avoid infections.