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Stay Hygienic And Nourished With A Foot Repair Spray From Ohsogo Online

Whether you’re a sportsperson, a daily office worker, or simply a modern individual who leads an active lifestyle, you must deal with smelly, dry, and rough feet. Amidst your busy schedule, it can be tough to care for your feet, which ultimately leaves stinky odour, cracked heels, rough texture, and sometimes bacterial build-up. 

Effortlessly take care of your feet' skin with a foot repair spray or an odour repellent spray from our online collection that offers two brilliant foot spray products developed by the revered brand, Dr Rhäzēs. Buy a foot deodorant or repair spray from Ohsogo online and be rewarded with nourished, soft, hygienic, and healthy feet skin!

Choose The Best Foot Spray From Our Online Collection

If you’re confused about which foot spray may be the right one for you, it may be time to analyze all your issues. Whether you want to deal with stinking, sweaty feet odour, or simply soothe your feet skin for a more supple and soft texture, we have just the right foot spray products for you! Check out our extensive collection to choose the best one for your needs!

Dr Rhäzēs Multi Action Foot Spray: Looking for foot care products that keep your feet moisturized? Infused with Rosemary oil extracts for reducing muscle tension, Neem leaf extracts and Thyme oil for eliminating fungal & bacterial infections and improving texture, and Aloe Vera for moisturizing feet skin, give your feet a spa-like treatment within the comfort of your home with the Dr Rhäzēs Multi Action Foot Spray to nourish and maintain your skin. 

Dr Rhäzēs Odour Repellent Foot Spray: Enriched with Active deodorant complex to keep smelly odour away, Neem leaf extracts and Thyme oil for eliminating fungal & bacterial infections, and Aloe Vera for soothing & moisturizing feet skin, choose this Dr Rhäzēs Odour Repellent Foot Spray from our online collection to deal with three issues by using a single product! Enjoy odour free, infection free, and moisturized feet with this odour repellent foot spray!

Buy Effective Foot Spray And Deodorant From Ohsogo Online

While practicing the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing skincare routine for your face is essential, so is taking care of the rest of your body, especially your neglected feet. To ensure you maintain the best feet hygiene and skin care, choose to apply a foot repair or odour repellent spray to keep your skin hydrated, nourished, odour free, and away from infections! Buy the best foot spray for your feet from Ohsogo online, based on your personal needs to avoid developing skin infections, rashes, foul odour, cracked heels or dry and rough feet. 


Q1. How Does Foot Spray Work?

Foot spray is a product that can be sprayed on your feet for nourishing & smoothening the foot skin, improving rough texture, keeping the skin hydrated, and protecting feet against fungal and bacterial infections. Another type of foot spray is an odour repellent spray that not only keeps bad odour away but also infections at bay. 

Q2. What Can You Spray On Stinky Feet?

The best product to use for avoiding stinky feet is to use an odour repellent foot spray. This odour repellent foot spray contains active deodorant complex and antibacterial properties to avoid foul smells and infections. Buy the Dr Rhäzēs Odour Repellent Foot Spray from Ohsogo online, which is the best foot deodorant to keep your feet fragrance free and nourished.

Q3. Is Powder Or Spray Better For Foot Odor?

A foot spray is much better to keep the foul odour away as you go about your busy day and lead an active lifestyle. While powder can keep bad odour away, it can make your feet feel stingy or slippery. A foot spray gently deposits essential ingredients into your skin & keeps them nourished while also eliminating bad smells & infections. 

Q4. Are Foot Sprays Effective?

Yes, foot spray is very effective in maintaining the overall hygiene and nourishment of your feet. Not only is a foot spray a restorative product for the repair of cracked heels, but also a great product for keeping foul odour and infections away as you spend hours sweating in the same shoes.

Q5. What Is The Best Foot Spray For Smelly Feet?

At Ohsogo, you can find the best foot spray for both - nourishing cracked heels and keeping foul odour away. Choose the Dr Rhäzēs Odour Repellent Foot Spray for eliminating smelly feet and the Dr Rhäzēs Multi Action Foot Spray for nourishing cracked heels and dry foot skin.