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Buy Face Essence Products Online in Bangladesh

Face essences have become the cornerstone of beauty routines worldwide in the pursuit for beautiful skin. OHSOGO's chosen range of facial essences will take you on a transforming skin trip. Each bottle contains a promise: skin that not only looks dazzling but also feels revitalised and regenerated. These essences are more than just hydrators; they are designed to awaken your skin, to serve as a wake-up call that brightens, tightens, and refines your complexion. Each face essence is formulated with active compounds that tackle various skin issues ranging from dullness to wrinkles, ensuring that your skin receives the customised care it requires. 


Begin your day with a luxurious touch. Face essences are the daily whispers of care your skin craves, with their lightweight compositions and concentrated nutrients. Consider beginning your day with a ritual that not only prepares your skin for the day ahead but also fortifies it against the environmental aggressors we face regularly. These essences are intended to be a smooth addition to your routine, working as the ideal primer for your skin to receive the maximum advantages of your following skincare products. With OHSOGO, you may harness the power of essences to bring out your skin's natural beauty with regular application. 

Discover the Range of Face Essence Products at OHSOGO

Experience the daily luxury in your skincare and radiate a facial-like glow with OHSOGO's face essences. Enjoy the benefits of hydrating and nourishing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid for plump skin and vitamins for a brighter complexion. Join us in exploring these effective and enjoyable skincare solutions! 

Hydration Heroes:

Our collection includes essences like Laikou Hyaluronic Acid Essence, a true hydration hero that delves deep into the skin's surface. The hyaluronic acid quenches the thirst of every skin cell holding 1000 times its weight in water, leaving your face looking plump and youthful all day long. 

Regal Radiance Boosters: 

For those seeking a touch of luxury, the 3W Clinic Gold Essence anti-ageing serum is a treasure. Infused with real gold particles and rejuvenating collagen, it's a royal treatment that improves skin's elasticity and bestows smooth and baby-soft skin. 

Revitalization Specialists:

Embrace the power of K-beauty with COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, a revolutionary product that harnesses the unique restorative properties of 96% snail mucin. This essence is designed to repair and renew, leaving your skin transformed with a natural, healthy vibrancy. 

Steps to Apply Face Essence Keeping Your Skin Type in Mind 

Choosing and using the right face essence is like having the secret key to a treasure chest of skincare riches. Whether you are looking to quench thirsty skin with moisture, give a tired complexion a wake-up call with energising nutrients, or smooth out with age-defying formulas, we have the essence that whispers sweet nothings to your skin. Follow our simple steps to apply this magic elixir and watch your skin thank you with every radiant reflection. 

Dry Skin:

Begin by gently cleansing your face. Apply a hyaluronic acid-enriched essence, like the Laikou Hyaluronic Acid Essence, using your fingertips to press the product into your skin. Its moisture-binding properties will deeply hydrate and alleviate any feelings of tightness. 

Oily Skin:

After cleansing, opt for a light, water-based essence such as COSRX Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Tone Balancing Essence. Pat it onto your skin to regulate sebum production without contributing to oiliness or pore congestion. 

Combination Skin:

Cleanse your skin and reach for a versatile essence like the 3W Clinic Collagen & Luxury Gold Essence. Apply it focusing on drier areas for intensive hydration and lightly on oilier zones to maintain a perfect moisture balance. 

Your Pathway to Glowing Skin 

OHSOGO is not just a store; it's a journey towards discovering your skin's true potential. Face essences are not just products; they are rituals that bring out the best in your skin. Embrace the glim of beauty with OHSOGO, where every selection is a step towards the radiant skin you deserve. 


What is an essence for face?

An essence is a skincare product that is lighter than lotions and richer than toners, applied after cleansing to prep the skin for moisturizers, targeting hydration and specific skin concerns. 

 Which essence is best for skin?

The best essence depends on your skin type and concerns; for hydration, products like Laikou Hyaluronic Acid Essence are popular, while for brightening, options like 3W Clinic Gold Essence are favoured. 


What is the difference between serum and essence?

Essences are typically lighter and less concentrated than serums and are used after toning to hydrate and treat the skin on a cellular level, whereas serums are more concentrated and target specific skin concerns like ageing or acne.