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Buy Hair Care Products Online In Bangladesh From OHSOGO

Let’s face it, we all tend to neglect our hair health in the stress of our busy schedules & modern life. It’s only when we’re getting dolled up for a party that we notice how terribly our hair quality has deteriorated and how much it affects our entire look! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! While we all can get carried away & forget to care for our hair, it’s important that you get back on track and never lose your gorgeous look!

Up your glam quotient by upgrading your regular hair routine to an enhanced one by shopping at OHSOGO, which features the best hair care products from international brands like LAFZ, TRESemmé, The Body Shop, Morfose Professional, and many more! Steal hearts everywhere you go with voluminous, silky-smooth locks!

Discover A Range Of Hair Care Products For Men & Women Online

A hair care routine is nothing without premium-quality hair products. And every diva deserves the best hair care to condition her lustrous locks! Give the absolute best nourishment to your beautiful mane with the best variety of hair care products available online at OHSOGO.

Hair Oil:

Nourish your hair from root to tips by opting for a hair fall control oil that heals hair damage & improves hair quality.

Hair Shampoo:

Cleanse your follicles and exfoliate dead cells using a hair shampoo from our vast range of hair care products online, to maintain dandruff and dirt-free scalp!

Hair Mask:

There’s nothing better than enjoying a spa session in the comfort of your home! Treat your hair with the goodness of a thick hair mask that instantly improves hair texture and enhances your hair into silky-smooth tresses!

Hair Serum:

Complete your hair care routine with a sleek, shiny, and soft finish by opting for a hair serum that you can effortlessly buy at Ohsogo!

Hair Colour:

For those who love to express their vibrant personality, explore out-of-this-worldhair colour productsto add a pop of colour to your everyday look!

Buy exclusive hair care products at Ohsogo online


Q1. Is A Regular Hair Care Routine Important?

Maintaining a hair care routine is integral in having strong, voluminous, silky-smooth hair. While people may assume that it is essential to have a regular hair care routine to improve its appearance, it is vital in maintaining hygiene and hair health. Good hair health & hygiene controls sebum secretion, dust & dirt accumulation, and hair loss & allows healthy hair growth. Using high-quality hair care products in your routine is essential to maintaining healthy hair with a beautiful appearance!

Q2. Which Hair Product Is Good For Hair Growth?

The hair care industry sees the constant evolution of hair care products that can benefit hair quality, texture & health. Hair care professionals recommend several hair care products for women and men who face several hair challenges. However, the most popular query most people have when they buy hair care products is asking about which one is best for hair growth.

At Ohsogo, we have curated a wide assortment of hair care products for men and women, such as hair oils that stimulate hair growth for voluminous hair.

Q3. How To Choose The Right Hair Care Products To Enhance Your Hair?

Hair care products such as hair shampoo, oil, mask, serum, etc., found online are formulated to suit & care for varying hair types. You need to know your hair type & hair problems to understand which hair care products you can buy to enhance your hair quality. Here are some things to keep in mind:-

  • Texture: If you hair colour products, chances are your hair has a rough, coarse texture and requires special hair care products to treat that damage.
  • Shape: Opt for hair care products meant for your hair type - curly, wavy, or straight. This not only enhances the appearance but also refines hair quality.
  • Scalp Type: Men and women have either oily, dry, normal or combination hair types. Identify your hair type by checking how oily they get after a hair wash. Based on that, buy hair care products such as hair shampoo, conditioner, mask, and serum that cater to your hair type.
  • Hair Problems: Based on the specific hair issues you face, such as chronic hair loss, hair fall, hair thinning, rough texture, etc., buy suitable hair care products online that will target your hair issues and control them. 

Q4. What Is The Correct Hair Care Routine?

Everybody’s hair care routine differs according to their choice, hair type, and issues. However, for beginners, we have listed the hair care products for men and women to be used in the order in their hair care routine:-

  1. Apply and massage hair oil to nourish & control hair fall, every week.
  2. Use hair shampoo to clean your hair & exfoliate your scalp from dirt & oil build-up, every couple of days.
  3. Use hair conditioner to smoothen & soften your hair, for a silky, lustrous finish, every time you shampoo your hair. 
  4. Occasionally, treat your hair with a mask that can be applied before shampooing it.
  5. After the hair wash, apply hair serum on damp hair to get shiny, soft tresses!

Q5. How Can I Care For My Hair Daily?

There are certain practices that you can inculcate in your daily hair care routine that can benefit your hair health significantly. Some of them are:-

Shampoo & condition your hair regularly, not daily.

  1. Apply hair oil to control hair fall & improve hair growth, once or twice a week.
  2. Comb your hair from root to tips everyday.
  3. Wear a scarf or a hat over your head to protect your hair from sun damage.
  4. Opt for natural, chemical-free hair care products.
  5. Avoid using heat to shape your hair daily.
  6. Eat nutrient-rich foods to maintain a good diet that promotes good hair quality.  

Q6. What Essential Hair Products Do You Need To Include In Your Hair Routine?

Every hair care routine requires certain essential products to maintain hair health. They mainly include - hair oil, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum.