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Buy Mask and Peel Products Online in Bangladesh 

Picture this: a spa-like indulgence in the comfort of your home, transforming your skin's health, including beauty products for everyday application. That's the reality we at OHSOGO offer with an extensive range of mask and peel products. Designed for the modern individual who values both luxury and efficacy, the selection on our website promises not just a treat for your skin but a rejuvenating ritual for your senses. Let's peel back the layers of daily stress and unveil a radiant, refreshed you, starting right here at OHSOGO. 

Discover the Range of Mask and Peel Products at OHSOGO: 

Skincare is made easy only with OHSOGO, as it addresses your timely needs in its easy-to-use selections. Our collection at OHSOGO offers a diverse range of masks and peels tailored to every skin type and concern. Check this curation that caters to your convenience.  

  • Creamy Clay Mask:

Ideal for drawing out impurities, our creamy clay masks like the 'Laikou Matcha Mud Mask' work to detoxify and clarify your skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed. 

  • Powdered Mask:

For those who enjoy customization, our powdered masks such as 'Rajkonna Moringa Powder' can be mixed with rose water or any of your preferred liquids to create a potent concoction for your skin's unique needs.  

  • Stick Application Mask:

The 'Fenyi Green Tea Mask Stick' provides an easy-to-apply solution, perfect for targeted application and minimizing waste.  

  • Stripes Masks:

Tackle blackheads and impurities with our effective stripes masks like the 'Focallure Blackhead Remover Pore Strips', designed to unclog the clogged pores.  

  • Peel Off Mask:

Experience the satisfaction of peeling away dead skin and build-up with products like the 'Organikare Ready To Use Peel Off Mask', revealing a brighter and smoother complexion underneath.  

Unlock the Secrets of Selecting and Applying the Mask and Peel Product in the Right Way: 

Using the products religiously is one part but selecting one product that suits your skin type thereby acting on specific concerns is another. Thus, choosing the correct mask and peel product can dramatically enhance your skincare routine. Here's how to select the perfect match:  

  • For Dry Skin:

Opt for hydrating sheet masks or creamy masks rich in hyaluronic acid and ceramides, like the 'Aarong Earth Aloe Vera Face Mask', to nourish and restore moisture levels.  

  • For Oily Skin:

Clay-based or bamboo-charcoal masks, such as 'YC Black Mask and Bamboo Charcoal', are excellent for absorbing excess oil and reducing patchiness.  

  • For Combination Skin:

Balance is key; consider multi-masking with a purifying mask on oily areas and a moisturizing mask on dry patches, like combining 'Organikare Uptan Face Pack' on the T-zone and 'SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off' on the cheeks.  

OHSOGO: Your Ultimate Destination To Healthy Skin 

At OHSOGO, each mask and peel is a promise of purity and effectiveness. Whether you are looking to calm, brighten, or deeply cleanse, our selection is sure to meet your needs. Dive into our world of face peel masks and emerge with a glow that's not just refreshed but truly transformed. 


Is a peel-off mask good for skin?

The effect of using a peel off mask varies depending on the skin type. On one side, these masks can immensely help in removing dead skin cells along with impurities from the top layer of the skin. But consulting your dermatologist is recommended if you feel any kind of irritation. You can also try out its suitability by conducting a patch test.  

Does a peel-off mask remove tan?

Exfoliating the skin with peel-off masks can help diminish the appearance of a tan by eliminating dead skin cells. They are not, however, intended for tan removal and may not appreciably affect skin pigmentation.  

Is it OK to use a peel-off mask every day? 

Although these masks are beneficial for removing dead skin cells and impurities, they should not be used daily as frequent use can strip the skin of essential natural oils, leading to irritation and over-drying, particularly for those with sensitive skin types.