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Buy Eye Mascara Online In Bangladesh From OHSOGO

Elevate your entire makeup game with the perfect finishing touch - a fabulous eye look! Just like accessories complete an outfit, mascara is the ultimate essential to achieve those lifted, bold, and accentuated eyes that steal the show.
Discover the art of recreating flawless, dramatic, and flattering eye makeup looks by enhancing your lashes with our premium eye makeup products. We have curated an exquisite selection of top-notch eye makeup products from international brands like Top face, Technic, Zayn & Myza, Notes, and more. Each product is carefully crafted to add volume, rich pigment, and length to your lashes, ensuring you'll have eyes that mesmerize and captivate you.
Whether you want to add volume, elongate, or simply add a dark pigment to your eye lashes, we’ve got you covered! Explore the best mascara products at OHSOGO to shop for your favorites and recreate the most glamorous eye makeup looks.

Shop From A Wide Range Of Eye Mascara Products Online:

Zayn & Myza Blink It Mascara:

Flaunt a sassy eye makeup look with the 3-in-1 Zayn & Myza Blink It Mascara. Our wonder wand volumizes, lengthens, and curls your lashes, giving you a gorgeous, smudge-proof eye makeup look that lasts up to 24 hours! Embrace confidence and buy this silicone and paraben-free mascara online to look stunning every day.

Topface Instyle Rich Curl Mascara:

Add volume and definition to your lashes with Topface Instyle Rich Curl Mascara. Its super effective formula ensures thicker, fuller lashes that instantly elevate your eye makeup look. Choose this mascara for a bold and captivating appearance.
Get dream-like curls with Topface Instyle Rich Curl Mascara. This mascara not only lengthens your lashes but also creates a mesmerizing curl that opens up your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. Elevate your eye makeup game effortlessly with this fabulous product.

Pierre Cardin Roll Act Lashes Curl And Volume:

Experience the best of both worlds with Pierre Cardin Roll Act Lashes Curl and Volume mascara. Achieve smudge-proof, volumized, and perfectly curled lashes with ease. Available exclusively at OHSOGO, this mascara is a must-have for those seeking a captivating eye makeup look.

Technic Mega Lash Water Resistant Mascara:

Get an intense black pigment and mega volume with Technic Mega Lash Water Resistant Mascara. Perfect for long-lasting and waterproof eye makeup looks, this mascara will keep your lashes bold and beautiful throughout the day, rain or shine.

Alix Avien Mascara Collection:

Discover the brilliance of Alix Avien mascara options at OHSOGO. Choose from the 3 In 1 Mascara for versatile performance, Volume Mascara for fuller lashes, or Waterproof Mascara for smudge-proof and water-resistant makeup looks. Recreate your favorite bold and flattering eye makeup looks effortlessly with these fantastic products.

Buy Mascara And Eye Makeup Products Online From OHSOGO

At OHSOGO, we prioritize the importance of providing top-quality eye makeup products to women everywhere. We believe that every woman deserves access to the best mascara, eye shadow, and more, ensuring they can achieve their desired looks effortlessly. Our wide assortment of mascara products caters to various needs, from perfectly curled lashes to voluminous and super long ones, empowering women to shine on any occasion. With OHSOGO, you can confidently flaunt your stunning eye makeup looks and embrace your unique beauty. Explore our collection today and discover the transformative power of our exceptional eye makeup products!


Q1. What Does Volumizing Mascara Do?

A volumizing mascara, one of the top favorites of women worldwide, is an eye makeup product that can be applied to your eyelashes to not only create a lengthy effect but also add volume to create a thick eyelash effect.

Q2. Is It OK To Leave Mascara On Overnight?

One primary thing to remember when you buy mascara or eye makeup online is to ensure it contains eye and skin-friendly ingredients to avoid any irritation or infection post application. However, no matter how safe your mascara products are, it is best not to leave it on overnight as it clumps and dries on your lashes overnight and may cause them to fall off. This significantly reduces the volume of your eyelashes.

Q3. What Is The Correct Way To Apply Mascara?

Applying mascara to your eyelashes is a pretty effortless process. Follow these steps to get a lifted, flattering eye makeup look using mascara:-
Twist open the waterproof mascara product, remove the applicator with the eyelash spoolie, and ensure enough mascara liquid is on it.
Carefully place the mascara spoolie at the very bottom end of your eye lashes and gently lift up the applicator to apply the product evenly over your lashes.
Make sure to comb each and every eye lash with the smudge proof mascara.
If you want a thick, voluminous look, apply the mascara over your lashes about 2-3 times to layer them with a thick coat and get a dramatic look.

Q4. Is It OK To Wear Waterproof Mascara Every Day?

Yes, it is perfectly healthy and safe to wear waterproof mascara as a part of your daily makeup routine.

Q5. Is It Better To Use Waterproof Mascara Or Regular?

It is always better to buy waterproof mascara online than regular mascara. Waterproof mascara is not only moisture, sweat, or tears resistant but also ensures that you carry a smudge proof makeup look throughout the day. Discover a wide variety of waterproof and smudge proof eye mascara while you’re online shopping at OHSOGO!

Q6. How Often Should You Replace Your Mascara?

As a rule of thumb, you must replace the mascara you bought online every 3 to 4 months to maintain good eye hygiene and health. However, if you notice that you are developing redness, itching, or any irritation in your eyes right after applying the mascara, you must immediately inspect the cause and dispose of it to stay safe.

Q7. What Is The Difference Between Volumizing Mascara And Lengthening Mascara?

While every mascara is a makeup product meant to beautify your eye lashes, they differ in their approach. A lengthening mascara elongates and gives you the puppy-dog, flattering eye look, whereas a volumizing mascara adds density to your lashes to create a dramatic and dreamy eye makeup look!