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Buy Makeup Remover Products Online In Bangladesh

Your end-of-the-day skincare routine can feel like the most therapeutic session. Your cleansing ritual during your PM skincare routine can help you feel mentally and physically refreshed as you clean off the heavy makeup and allow your skin to breathe freely.
Besides the best face washes and cleansers for your skin, there’s another winning contender to help you wipe off your makeup with a rather nourishing touch! It is none other than a makeup remover, available as micellar water or even makeup wipes at OHSOGO online!

Explore The Best Makeup Remover Products Online From OHSOGO

At OHSOGO, we offer you a range of makeup remover products that cleanse your face by wiping off makeup and maintain nourishment. Here are some of the best makeup remover products available to buy at our online store: -

Cerave Micellar Cleansing Water:

As the best gentle cleansing water, check out the 3-in-1 paraben-free CeraVe micellar water that effectively cleanses excess oil, sebum, and heavy makeup, hydrates with a Ceramide and Niacinamide blend, and restores your skin barrier.

Lafz Makeup Remover Wipes:

Enriched with Vitamin E and Oats Extract, the halal, chemical and paraben-free Lafz makeup remover wipes are specially formulated to wipe off heavy makeup, soothe your skin and retain its natural moisture balance for a long-lasting healthy glow!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:

A gentle cleanser infused with nourishing Vitamin E, The Body Shop cream cleanser lifts away impurities, dirt, and makeup residue from your skin and conditions your skin for a smooth and supple finish.

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil:

Check out the best makeup remover for sensitive skin enriched with natural Grapeseed Oil, opt for the Simple cleansing oil to deep cleanse your skin, remove impurities and makeup from your pores, and hydrate it without causing any irritation and be left with a grease-free, cleansed complexion.

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water:

Free of alcohol, sulphates, and parabens, the Garnier micellar water effectively cleans makeup, dirt, and dust from your skin pores in a single wipe without the need to harshly rub to wipe off heavy makeup.

Buy The Best Makeup Remover Products Online For A Cleansed Face

Bringing the best makeup remover solutions, wipes, and micellar water from international brands like CeraVe, Lafz, The Body Shop, Simple, Mamaearth, Wet and Wild, Garnier, and more. Browse through our entire skincare and makeup remover collection to buy the best products for your skin type and enjoy a clean, refreshed, and supple complexion always!


Q1. Does Micellar Remove Waterproof Makeup?

Micellar water is the best makeup remover, even if it is waterproof makeup you’re removing. If you have used waterproof makeup products on your face, including foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc., using micellar water as a makeup remover will effectively wipe off all the residue on your face. Opt for the chemical-free Garnier micellar water or vegan halal Lafz makeup remover wipes at OHSOGO online, which removes all waterproof products with a soothing finish.

Q2. Are Makeup Wipes Better Than Cotton Pads?

AMakeup remover wipes are better for wiping your face than using cotton pads as these wipes contain a liquid solution which are enriched with soothing and nourishing elements to wipe makeup residue and have a calming effect on your skin.
Buy the chemical-free, halal Lafz makeup remover wipes at OHSOGO online to clean the makeup off your face while soothing your skin.

Q3. Is Makeup Remover Good For Your Skin?

It is important to pick a makeup remover that contains skin-friendly ingredients that maintain your skin health in the long run. It is best to opt for a chemical and alcohol-free makeup remover and micellar water while shopping online, as these do not dehydrate, irritate or cause inflammation for your skin.

Q4. How Do I Choose The Best Makeup Remover?

Choosing the best makeup remover for your unique skin type is essential to maintaining your skin health. Here are some factors to consider to make the right choice when you buy micellar water or makeup remover online:-

  • Know your skin type: It is essential to know if you have oily, dry, combination, acne-prone, or sensitive skin type. You must choose a makeup remover that contains natural ingredients that are beneficial and suitable for your skin type.
  • Free of chemicals & alcohol: Not only are chemicals and alcohol present in makeup products detrimental to your skin health, but they also ruin your skin texture and quality in the future. They also dry out your skin, making it coarse, uneven, and dull.
  • Containing healthy ingredients: Choose a makeup remover that contains natural plant-based ingredients which are hydrating, nourishing, and ultimately rejuvenating for your skin.

Q5. Why Should You Use Makeup Remover?

It is essential to use a makeup remover to properly wipe off the heavy makeup that has been on your face for long hours. Using a makeup remover ensures prior cleansing before using a gentle cleanser to wash your face and remove accumulated makeup residue from your pores. This has a soothing effect on your skin while ensuring no pores remain clogged with dirt, impurities, or makeup residue.