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Switch To A Healthy Nail Polish Remover From Ohsogo Online

Have you been using acetone to take off your nail polish colours? Have you been using it daily to switch from one shade to another? While we don’t mean to alarm you, acetone can be extremely detrimental to your nails and overall health! As the cosmetics industry evolves, a rather potent and healthy nail polish remover has emerged, an acetone free nail polish remover that results in gorgeous nails!

At Ohsogo, we believe in offering you the best quality nail products online to ensure your nail health remains at its very best. Discover the best, skin-friendly nail polish remover products at our online store so that you can switch nail polish shades every day without any worries! Buy the best nail polish remover options, formulated by skin-friendly brands like Lafz, exclusively at Ohsogo online!

Choose An Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover From Our Collection

Lafz Ultimate Nail Polish Enamel Remover: If you are looking for nail polish removers other than dehydrating acetone, you’ve arrived at the right destination! Introducing the healthy, vegan, and acetone free nail polish remover that cares and conditions your nails!

Enriched with vegan ingredients such as Castor seed oil, the Lafz Ultimate Nail Polish Enamel Remover not only takes off your nail polish but also nourishes your nail enamel and cuticles. This acetone and alcohol free nail polish remover has a gentle and fast-acting formula that removes all traces of nail polish from your nails in a matter of seconds. Available in a travel-friendly size, buy this Lafz Ultimate Nail Polish Enamel Remover to take off nail products, hydrate the nail bed, and nourish your cuticles in a hassle-free manner. Here’s to maintaining nourished and flawless fingertips for years to come!

Buy The Best Nail Polish Remover At The Best Price In Bangladesh

Confused about which is the healthiest nail polish remover for maintaining your nail and skin health? Look no further! We offer you the most skin-friendly nail polish remover formulated using nourishing plant-based ingredients and no alcohol or acetone at our online store. Discover and buy the Lafz Ultimate Nail Polish Remover at the best price in Bangladesh, exclusively at Ohsogo online!


Q1. How Often Nail Polish Removers Can Be Used?

After you’ve applied nail polish, it is best to remove it after two weeks to allow them to breathe and avoid infections. It’s best to use nail polish remover only once or twice a week. If you enjoy switching nail polish colours daily, opt for an acetone free nail polish remover, such as the Lafz Ultimate Nail Polish Enamel Remover! 

Q2. Are Nail Polish Removers And Nail Enamel Removers The Same?

Yes, nail polish and enamel remover are the same nail makeup products found online.

Q3. Which Is Better Nail Polish Remover With Or Without Acetone?

It is always best to opt for an acetone free nail polish remover. A nail polish remover containing acetone can be very detrimental to the quality and overall health of your nails as it can ruin nail quality, appearance, and long-term health. 

Q4. What Is The Difference Between A Nail Polish Remover And Acetone?

The main difference between acetone and nail polish remover is its effect on your nails. Acetone is a very volatile, flammable, and dehydrating clear liquid capable of removing nail polish. It can dehydrate your nail enamel and cuticles and results in brittle nails. Nail polish remover is an organic solvent that can take off nail polish without causing damage to your nails.

Q5. What Happens If You Use Nail Polish Remover Too Much?

While acetone can easily dehydrate your nail bed, plate, cuticles, and surrounding skin, an acetone free nail polish remover can have a better and more healthy effect on your nails. However, it is best to use nail enamel remover only once or twice per week to maintain your nail health. 

Q6. Why Should One Switch To Using Acetone Free Nail Polish Removers?

An acetone free nail polish remover is the best option to take nail polish colours off as it has a healthier formulation. While a nail polish remover containing acetone makes nails dry, flaky, and brittle, an acetone free nail polish remover will maintain the nourishment levels of your nails. Buy the best acetone free nail polish remover at Ohsogo online!