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Buy Hair Color Product Online in Bangladesh 

As we grow older, our hair starts losing its natural pigment, glossy lustre, and gorgeous appearance. In this case, hair color products become the one and only savior to bring back the former glory of your long, lustrous, silky-smooth locks! 

Whether you want to add highlights to your hair for a more lively look, or simply touch up your greying roots, find the best hair care products at OHSOGO to buy professional hair color products formulated by international brands like Lafz, Farmasi, etc., at our online store.  

Explore a Range of Hair Color Products from OHSOGO


Farmasi Farmaacolor Expert Hair Dye:

With a creamy texture that does not drip and feels comfortable on the scalp, opt for this Farmasi hair color in Caramel or Chestnut Red for professional white or grey hair coverage. Enjoy a maximum color performance that does not fade away easily with this excellent hair color cream available at OHSOGO 

Lafz Permanent Hair Color Cream 

Developed with a innovative water permeable formula in which hair color penetrates the hair cuticle and allows water to pass through during each wash, the halal Lafz hair color cream in shades Natural Black, Natural Brown, and Burgundy, is an incredible health-conscious product. Get a colorant cream, developer, and conditioner within this product that are each enriched with vegan ingredients like Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Coffee, etc., to maintain your hair health while reviving their look.  

HairCode Egypt Herbal Hair Color

Opt for this halal HairCode Egypt Herbal Hair Color which uses natural black pigment, enriched with the nourishment of Hibiscus, Amla & Henna to add a dark tint to your locks in 30 minutes and preserve their overall health. 

HairCode Egypt Mehndi Crème color

One of the most popular hair care products for men, this halal HairCode Egypt Mehndi Crème color gives 3 natural shades to your hair and beard within 15, 20 & 60 minutes. 

Buy Professional Hair Styling Products Online from OHSOGO

As one of the most commonly used hair care products by men and women across the world, hair color products need to be formulated with the best ingredients and formula. And at OHSOGO, you can explore hair color products that offer you just that! Discover a wide range of hair color products at OHSOGO online to buy various hair color shades that elevate your look and bring out your natural charisma! 


Q1. Which Hair Color Is Best For Grey Hair? 

As we grow older, our hair loses its youthful look as it loses out on its nutritional levels and pigment. Using hair color products can restore your hair’s health and look. Opt for the chemical-free Lafz Permanent Hair Color Cream available in three shades at OHSOGO online to revive your hair's youthful, pigmented look.  

Q2. Can Hair Color Damage Your Hair?

While hair color products can instantly improve the appearance of your hair, they can also cause damage to them. To avoid being left with brittle and dry hair, switch to using chemical-free hair color that highlights your hair and nourishes them with organic ingredients. Browse our hair color products for sale to buy chemical-free hair color shades at OHSOGO online. 

Q3. What Are The Best Hair Color Products?

At OHSOGO online, we offer you an elaborate range of hair color products for sale, available in various shades to cater to varying preferences. Discover chemical-free, health-conscious hair color products like Lafz hair color cream, and buy professional hair color like Farmasi hair color at OHSOGO online  

Q4. How To Choose A Hair Color For Your Skin Tone? 

Here are some tips on picking the right one:- 

  • Choose hair color products that are a shade or two lighter than your natural hair. 
  • For experimenting new shades, compare the hair color products to your skin tone and undertone and choose accordingly. 
  • Choose a hair color that matches the color of your eyes or are on the same color palette.