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Buy Marico Products Online In Bangladesh from OHSOGO (H2) 

Marico comprises leading brands across various categories of hair care, skin care, edible oils, immunity boosting and healthy foods, male grooming, and fabric care. Look no further for your grooming and health. Whether you need grooming or health essentials, Marico has you covered. Marico is a renowned brand offering hair and skincare products, known for its quality and popular brands like Parachute and Saffola. 


Explore Marico Products Online from OHSOGO (H2) 

Parachute Brand (H3) 

We all have definitely heard about Parachute, haven’t we? Parachute is the flagship brand of Marico and has amazing and popular products like Parachute Advansed Hair Oils, Parachute Advansed Body Lotion, Parachute Advansed After Shower Non-Sticky Hair Creme. 


Nihar Products (H3) 

Nihar a trusted brand from Marico, offers a range of hair care products, including hair oils and shampoos. These products are formulated with natural ingredients to nourish the hair and promote its overall well-being.Its range of hair oils and shampoos effectively address various hair concerns, leaving you with healthy, vibrant, and beautiful-looking hair that you can confidently flaunt.  

Haircode products (H3) 

Haircode dominates the gel market as the go-to choose. Its versatile styling range offers top-notch solutions: exceptional shine, strong hold, safety assurances, and alluring fragrance. With Haircode, you'll look fabulous in every moment, empowering you to own your style with confidence. 

The impressive range of products for your crowning glory includes Livon Anti Frizz Hair Serum with Vitamin E and Argan Oil, Livon Hair Serum for dry and rough hair, Livon Super Styler Hair Serum, Livon Heat Protect Hair Serum, Livon Hair Straightening Hair Serum, etc. 


Beardo products (H3) 

Beardo is a leading brand in the men's grooming industry, specializing in manufacturing and selling private label products. Their extensive range of beardo products includes beard oil, beard wax, face wash, beard combs, soaps, lotions, and more. Experience Beardo's exceptional grooming essentials to elevate your personal care routine. 


Studio X products (H3) 

Marico has recently launched Studio X, a groundbreaking male grooming line that caters to a diverse customer base. It offers a comprehensive range of products for hair care, styling, and skincare, specifically tailored for men. With Studio X, men can now enjoy a complete grooming experience and enhance their personal style with confidence. 


Why Choose Marico Products Online from OHSOGO? 

Choose Marico products with confidence OHSOGO, where you can explore a wide range of their trusted and high-quality offerings. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of OHSOGO while getting your favorite Nihar products delivered right to you! 

Discover a wide range of Marico's exceptional products on OHSOGO, your trusted online destination for all your personal care needs. Shop now and experience the excellence of Marico's products conveniently delivered to your doorstep through OHSOGO! 


FAQ’s (H2) 

1. What are some popular Marico brands? (H3) 

Some popular Marico brands are Parachute, Parachute Advanced, Nihar, Nihar Naturals, Revive, Set Wet, Mediker and Livon.  


2. Are Marico products safe to use? (H3) 

Marico's Product Quality: Safety and uncompromised quality are top priorities at Marico. Their Quality Management Framework ensures ingredient safety and product quality at every stage of the value chain. Trust Marico for safe and reliable hair care products. 


3. Are Marico products vegan & cruelty-free? (H3) 

Marico products have no parabens, no sulfates, no carcinogens, and are 100% cruelty-free. Marico also has a range of vegan gourmet products under the name of Coco Soul.  


4. What products does Marico offer? (H3) 

Some of Marico's popular products include-Parachute Coconut Oil, Parachute Advanced Hair & Care, Mediker Anti Lice Treatment, Coco Soul Foods, Saffola Immuni Veda, Pure Sense, Saffola Honey.