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Buy Parachute Naturals Hair care Products Online in Bangladesh

In the quest for long and lustrous hair, the centuries-old wisdom of using hair oil has stood the test of time. OHSOGO celebrates this tradition with Parachute Natural's range of hair care essentials. Embark on a hair transformation journey and give your locks the love they deserve with the best Parachute hair oil. 

Discover the Range of Parachute Natural Products at OHSOGO

Unveil the secrets of age-old hair care rituals with our premium range, where each product promises to transform your hair care routine into a luxurious experience. Get your hands on the touch of nature with Parachute Natural, where every strand of hair is pampered to perfection.  

  • Parachute Coconut Hair Oil:

Revel in the purity of Parachute Coconut Oil, boasting a 5 Stage Purification process for unmatched quality. This oil promises long-lasting freshness and a consistent composition, ensuring every application is as effective as the first.  

  • Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil:

Experience the magic of aloe vera blended with pure coconut oil for hair that feels deeply nourished and impeccably soft. With the combined benefits of coconut oil and aloe vera, it provides deep hydration, strength, and shine, helping you achieve the beautiful and lustrous hair you desire.  

  • Parachute Hair Oil Anti Hairfall:

Combat hair fall with this specialized blend of herbal extracts and vitamins with nourishing and moisturising properties, that strengthen your hair from root to tip.  

  • Parachute SkinPure Olive Oil:

Apart from the hair oils, this product focuses on taking care of your skin. It is crafted with utmost care, offering a luxurious, deeply hydrating experience for your skin. Ideal for facial and body use, this olive oil enriches your skin with essential hydration, leaving it supple and radiant. Its versatile nature targets dry spots, ensuring an all-over smoothness that's as natural as it is soothing. 

Trusting Parachute For the Right Reasons 

Trusting Parachute has been a choice a million have made for generations especially when it comes to their haircare. With its new product catering to skincare, the trust and the brand’s versatility have only deepened. Parachute's dedication to natural, pure, and effective hair care products ensures that what you are applying is not just good, but the best for your body.   

  • Pure Ingredients:

Parachute Natural prides itself on providing nothing but 100% pure coconut oil, free from any added preservatives or chemicals.  

  • Freshness and Quality:

Each bottle of Parachute hair oil carries the promise of long-lasting freshness and has undergone 27 quality tests to guarantee your hair receives the best care. 

Harnessing the Power of Parachute Hair Oils (H2) 

Parachute is renowned for its diverse array of hair oils, each meticulously formulated to target specific hair woes. For those contemplating the switch to a more natural hair care regimen, Parachute hair oils offer a wealth of benefits that extend well beyond basic conditioning.  

  • Fighting the Flake:

Chemical residues from hair products can cling to your scalp, causing dandruff. Parachute oils counter this with natural ingredients that boast antibacterial and antifungal benefits, cleansing your scalp while providing much-needed nourishment.  

  • Banishing Dryness:

The constant heat from styling tools strips your hair of moisture, leaving it frizzy and lifeless. Parachute's array, including their indulgent hot oil treatments and advanced oils, is enriched with hydrating properties to restore your hair's natural sheen and softness. 


  • Curbing Hair Loss:

Nourishment is key to preventing hair breakage and strengthening hair follicles. Parachute hair oils penetrate deep to fortify the roots, significantly reducing hair fall and minimizing damage, ensuring your locks remain thick and resilient. 

Skincare or Haircare: Your One-Stop Destination

With Parachute Natural's collection at OHSOGO, embrace the heritage of hair care that has been nurturing generations. Indulge in the legacy of Parachute, and let your hair soak up the goodness of nature's best. For pure hair care bliss, trust in the nourishing fusion of ingredients in Parachute's range of products, available now at OHSOGO—where your hair's health is our delight. 


Is Parachute Oil good for your hair?

Yes, Parachute Oil is beneficial for hair as it provides deep conditioning, and nourishment, and can help in managing dryness and dandruff.  

Can I use Parachute Coconut Oil daily?

Yes, Parachute Coconut Oil can be used daily as it is light and non-greasy, making it ideal for everyday hair nourishment. 

Is Parachute onion oil good for hair growth? 

Parachute onion oil is known to support hair growth due to the presence of sulfur which helps in the regeneration of hair follicles.